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Patanjali Yoga 21

Patanjali Yoga 21 Ashram (Studio) is founded by an young coach, internationally certified yoga instructor and an Ayurved chef, Parool Patel. For over several years, she thought and continues to teach Yoga in Carmel, IN and now across the world.

Yoga for kids

We teach kids the benefits of a daily routine and how to do it. Yogic cleansing helps boost the kids’ immune system and keeps them healthy and fit.

yoga for Adults

Pranayam - Breathing exercise and techniques for one and all. Find how to lose weight with just breathing exercises. Get back in shape in no time. 


Ayurveda is a wholistic system of medicine from India that uses a constitutional model. It aims to provide guidance regarding food and healthy life.


Our Students Love Us

She is very flexible with schedule and always willing to work with your schedule.

Shilpa Parekh

student, patanjali21

You are a perfect role model and you always inspire people to their best. We always liked your positive attitude.

Manisha Kokitkar

student, patanjali21

She is a wonderful teacher and very knowledgable in yoga practice and Ayurveda. 

Kalpana Desai

student, patanjali21

Ready to Make a Change?

No man in the world has more courage than the man and woman who can stop after eating one peanut. Take a class to know if you are courageous.

We offer online and private lessons. Please reach out to 1-317-809-0794 to know more


Tel: 1-317-809-0794

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