Class Schedule

Checkout with your required session with required schedule and Enjoy the power of yoga.

Sessions Timings days Registration
Power Yoga Sessions 5AM-6AM (Mon-Fri)
Quick Yoga Sessions 6AM-6:45AM (Mon-Fri)
Master Yoga Sessions 7AM-8AM (Mon-Fri)
Authentic Yoga Sessions 6PM-7PM, 7AM (Fri, Sat-sun)
Yoga for Kids 5PM-6PM, 7AM (Fri, Sat-Sun)


Breathing exercise and techniques for one and all.  Find how to lose weight with just breathing exercises. People with arthritis or other physical concerns also can join in!

Mind & Body

Yoga teaches you how to balance your body.  YOGIC CLEANSING  helps boost your immune system and keeps you healthy against cough, cold and allergies. 


By practicing the step-by-step methods of Yoga taking nothing for granted on emotional grounds or through blind faith, Joy which gives life to all.

Strength Building

Flat tummy in 7 days!  -  sounds unbelievable, right?  Well, it's not entirely impossible.  
We can make a start.

Stress Relief

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, sluggish, bloated or unwell lately?  Join us for an invigorating and purifying detox workshop.

Body Transform

uproot the deep-seated toxins and unprocessed emotions that lie buried in the organs and connective tissues of the body, to experience energy and health. 

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